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Solution to ALL Problems NCSoft and Queue

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Destroh    0
Hi how are you doing? I am a new player who could never start playing , 
after the client's problem has been fixed... there is a worse problem that is waiting to enter...


The only and simple solution is put in the shop scrolls of free transfer to other SERVER for a month.


so people are going to play on other servers and in the term of a month can be changed to the server you want , and this would decongest Talkin Island server


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Wachomen    1

Mmmh Why do you want to enter Talking? I arrived 6 minutes after the servers opened and it was full, then I entered Giran that was still Ligth and now it takes 6 hours if I get to deslog, the problem is the bots and donors that do not go afk and are with all their buffers fishing.
I recommend you if you could not login to another server, Talking was only the first option

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