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Disgusting Gold Mine

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Hello, first of all sorry for my english.
I am disgusted of OFFICIAL SERVER. This is no way how should official server works... 6.000K Server limit, 3boxes allowed...So server is for 2.000 Peoples +-
U are not VIP? Wait X hours, you are not VIP? Buy soulshots/spiritshots because we set adena rate so low, that it will force you to buy some shots...
We have enough money, so we increaset adena rate, but we have new tactic... We create fake queue that will force you to buy VIP.. U know what? Put your NCsoft logo to somewhere. This is not free to play...Really not...I could understand In-game shop with shots etc...But thats all...I cant understand why 3boxes... 1+1 is enough...Everything u done is fail from the start... GG NCSOFT i though you are fine company, but not... There is nothing more important than money...Who cares experience for players..There is nostalgia..GG HF... Free > OFF

. GG HF .. 

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