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Ignoring what you want to buy or sell.....the community wants to buy thing for less than what you can vendor items for but sell thing for more........I bought a Reinforced Bow because five ( not 1,2 ,3....5) people wouldn't sell me the bow for less than what the vendor at Giran would sell for. I pick up pieces while grinding and I look and I say ok I can vendor this item for 25K.....so I'll offer it up for 30K to players because it sells on the vendor for 62K!!!!! No takers....cant do it........

So I screw the economy by just selling out to NPC vendors and this includes material items. Sucks to me but it seems to be how most people think (Change my mind!)

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Yes, the point is to check first for  how much adena you can sell your item in shop, then check how much the NPC price for buyers is and decide something between. This is fair. Now ppl don't have much adena and the market is difficult but soon will be better. 

I personally prefer to keep the important stuff if  I can't sell them asap. 

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