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Server moves, dead summomers, free swords...


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Fed up with the queue on Giran, I decided to move to Aden.  Despite being in Europe, the server time isn't that big a deal as sieges are on Sunday.


I grind away, concerned that I won't get enough money to keep my gear in line with my level.  At about level 16 I am grinding my (future) Bladedancer on the golem/cat/spider quest when I come across a random dead summoner.  I notice his pet is still fighting, so out of morbid curiosity I watch.  The summon kills the mob (obviously), but then something amazing happens; the mob drops a Sword of Watershadow (a P.Atk 24 sword).  As the dead summoner watches I pick this sword up (for safe keeping, obviously) and run as fast as I can.  I fully expected him to message me demanding it back, but I guess I got lucky.  So I am now level 21 in full Bronze Armour, slowly working towards the free armour at 25.  When I get there I should be able to sell my Bronze and Sword to get a bottom or mid D grade sword.  This is slowly slower grind than the very early game where adena is concerned, but it's great fun.


TLDR; transferred server, stole a sword, having fun.

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