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Lost my NCoins


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I got NCoins earlier today by using my Visa Card since paypal was giving me an error. The charge came of 30 dollars and I got an email confirming the purchase. When I logged to my account I could see 2400 NCoins there, but when I tried to buy the Chronicles pack it failed and as an impatient person I tried to buy it several times before giving up. Later on I logged back to my account because I was told that it was fixed, but my NCoins went from 2400 to 0! I even checked to see if I got the pack but I didn't.

Any ideas what happened and what can be done? 

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So.. after 5 days the issue did not resolve yet. Good thing is that I got a reply from support but all they said was: "I've checked your account and unfortunately, I am unable to locate any purchase of the Launch Packs from this account."

Yet, my request as I said in the ticket again is: "1. Restore the 2400 NCoins that vanished from my account. This is something you can check I imagine.
2. Allow me to buy the Chronicle Pack. I keep trying to buy it, but it says that I can only buy it once.. yet I don't have it."

I am not sure what is going on or how I can communicate this better to the support team. I believe that my request is pretty clear, but so far the 2 responses I got are weird to say the least! Any idea what I can do to resolve the matter?

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