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Hey hey hey admins, wake up do you see how many peoples want to play in yours servers? Its not normal to wait in queue 7-10 hours to join. You should solve this problem as soon as possible because you will lose a lot of players. No players - server dies, at this moment interest in your servers are in top. If you want to see full servers in long period you should keep peoples now an let them play. Now decision with queue are almost the same shit like "the client will be closed" anyways peoples can't play.

So now you should take decisions and solve this problem if you want to see a lot of players in half or even 1 year. Make something or you don't care? Almost 2 weeks of servers and i don't see any normal decision. Servers after few months with 1.5k (with boxes, offline shops and etc. are a piece of shit) I believe you can do something.

I offer to increase servers online limits to 8k or even 10k players, that will help you to keep players.

P.S. Maybe other players have something to offer to admins to solve this problem, they can write offers below.

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