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No VIP ??


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I've made a VIP on Giran Server for the main character before all this bullshit started with the queue.

Now, since I can not load my box buffer anymore I decided to play on Aden server.

However, the my main account doesn't have VIP there.

Seriously, NCSoft wants us to pay VIP again on each server ?

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Yeah... I mean everyone blames russians for been greedy.

But as far as I know, there you buy a subscription once per account and then you can play on any russian server.

Here, ... damn I am not even sure now that these queues are not NCSoft-made to make ppl buy VIPs.

I mean, I would not say that there are so many people on the server. 

Would be interesting to know what is the current server players limit.

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I think the top has been something near 6.5k. We are stuck in a situation with players being ingame for 120+ hours and shitloads of ppl who cant even log in. I have tried several times during the weekend but queues go between 600 players and 2100 players. Literaly unplayable.

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