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Shortcut options in 'Enter Chat' mode is way too limited.


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Other than numbers & the F keys what else left to use? I can't use any kind of combination like Alt+1 for example for some unexplained reason, I can't use Numpad numbers & we can't use most letters as those is shortcuts for various windows like clan, status, quest, macro etc.. so what left?

Plz unlock combination shortcuts I wanna be able to use Alt+numbers in 'Enter Chat' mode, also let me use freely all the Numpad keys, this is urgent plz do something about it fast I don't know why the client work like that, this wasn't the case when I was playing official over 10 years ago, this need a fix ASAP!

EDIT: It seems I can use Numpad my bad but still I would like to be able to use combinations in 'Enter Chat' mode as later I'll definitely need more shortcuts.

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