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¿Where is the Free To Play?


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Holy Molly, NcWest fully did it this time.

Every1 knows this company is full of shit. I love this game but they are totally ruining it!. Im not one of those old school players that started on OBT, im not a hardcore CP player who wants to dominate the server. Just a regular guy trying to play the game he loves the most.

We all know that NcWest never trully wanted to remove the bots or the rmt from their game. not much they can do about RMT, ok, but the bots? Its been years since i logged on Naia, but as soon as u log back today and go to a low lvl zone, its STILL full of those dark elf bots making adena (FKING YEARS LATER). Every1 already knows that XingCode or however its called doesnt work, for me it doesnt even seem to help to be honest. BUT OK, every player has been dealing with bots on every fking server for years, its almost like a rule.

But now we come to what for me is the real issue here. They advertised a free to play server (capped for free players or not, i dont care). AND IT IS NOT FREE. Would be more like a Free2Try2Play. Get a Vip1 at least or u will be stuck on the queue mate.

I have 3 acc's. 1 of them VIP, 2 of them free. Nowadays, the vip account has to wait 30mins+- to enter, ok, i can deal with that. But its impossible for the free accs to play. Simply impossible.

Yesterday for example, both accounts stood in queue for 10+hours. 10 FREAKING HOURS just trying to play. And i finally couldnt because of a micro-jump of my connection that screwed both the queues.

Today at 11:30 GMT+1 (which is supposed to be 05:30GMT-5(Talking Island time)) my queue was around 850.4 hours later its 527. And it gets exponentially slower the more you aproach to 0. Am i gonna be able to play with this account today? I dont think so.  Sure, im just gonna leave it waiting, have a nice day somewhere else, and come back 10 hours later hoping that im already logged xDDDDD

Oh, and i just remembered that u can pay 5 dollars, but need to be in-game to activate the VIP system to skip the "Long Queue" so you are able to enter the "Short Queue" where u still have to wait to play, just much less. Cool system.

I saw this queue in a few other games, always at the beggining like here. But i never saw it lasting for more than a week. And i certainly never saw it getting ridicolously worst every passing day, like here. I wonder what will happen when a few thousand ppl decide to buy VIP 1. "Hey, i paid 5 dollars and i STILL have to wait hours to play?"

NcWest have the servers capped at 6000 (dont know exactly why). What i find astonishing is that it has been like this for years. I dont know if they upgraded the servers(doesnt looks like), but I DO KNOW they still have the same cap more than 4 years later. Every1 knows private servers with 10k+ people, so the technology is completely available for a fking videogame company. AND THIS MIGHT SOLVE THE QUEUE ISSUE.

They opened a third server to try helping the queue, but what happens with people that paid 30$ for character binded items, like myself? Of course i could just say "screw my 30$, ill go Aden" and have no queue, a server where noone of my friends are playing and that its 9 hours behind my timezone (GMT+1).

Everyone at this point is very used to play with the things that characterize this game (NoLifers owning servers, Bots, RMT and such). Most people nowadays knows that this classic servers will die even sooner than the RU/EU ones. But this time its not gonna be the game, its gonna be the company's fault.

They rushed an official server advertising it for less than a month. Seems to me like they didnt even check some of the most basic stuff, and as such the launch was extremely disastrous. They obviusly wanted to make cash and didnt even bother to check lots of the things they promised (like the increased respawn rates  of mobs in starting villages that took a week to implement, when no one needed them already xD).

Another example, the spiritshot quest reward bug, the dev team designed this game so that every1 in every city has to follow a single quest line depending on the race and starting village ( pretty simple coding when u have everything done, meet X condition, get Y or Z reward) and NCWest somehow managed to screw up not only with the most populated race and village at the beggining, but with 1 more that i know of. 

And the adena/spoil issues, oh god where do i begin with. Did they tried to cap free players to encourage them to pay? Probably. This has to be some kind of joke. IMO they tried to implement a system of adena reduction (designed to combat bot ptys and adena selling in Live servers), combined it with the rates reduction of the VIP system (designed to get $$$$), and didnt even bother to study the impact it would have in the game. The result as we all know, was a massive outrage of the community. Its ridicolous not been able to afford shots to grind (and dont mention efficiency pls, thats ridicolous). Its ridiclous to see D-grade Soulshots at the same price that NG-soulshots in shops.

Took them a week or so to change it, and who knows if they even studied what they did, cause in my opinion the difference is too high, now it seems like adena drops from the trees (which is paradise for bots).

I though i knew what i was getting into, ive played NcWest servers before, and ive payed them before. But i trully never saw such bad management in any official server of any game by any professional videgame company. Its the 2nd time i seriously feel cheated about paying a gaming company, since the release of the in-famous WarZ. Could i pay more? Yes. Am i being heavily discouraged to do so by how this project is being managed? Yes  Dont blame Juji or Hime, they are just working people doing what they can. Shame on NcWest for how they are managing this project.

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Well, if everyone wasn't logging 5 accounts in at the same time, we'd have some more room. People do realize these servers can only handle so many people at a time? That's never changed. It sucks, but all the multi-boxers are making it 10 times worse. I'd rather a monthly sub, to keep the multi boxes down. Everyone just wants to run their own personal bot party.

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10 minutes ago, Nef said:

Well, if everyone wasn't logging 5 accounts in at the same time, we'd have some more room. People do realize these servers can only handle so many people at a time? That's never changed. It sucks, but all the multi-boxers are making it 10 times worse. I'd rather a monthly sub, to keep the multi boxes down. Everyone just wants to run their own personal bot party.

I agree with you, but i can understand how limiting the number of boxes would also affect very much the profits of the company. If they dont want to upgrade the servers, opening  another two with NA and EU times and free server transfer would be the way to go imo.

EDIT: Btw after 5 hours of queue i got the "client will close now". Wasnt the bug corrected? Or its my connection in this case? 1400 players queue now. bb l2 today.

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That's weird, that log out bug should have been fixed. My friends were in queue 8-10 hours yesterday, never got kicked.

And I don't hate that people multi-box, I totally get it. It just makes it even harder on the server. Of course, I really wish NC would increase server cap, and offer to let people move to new servers, with the stuff they bought (VIP and items). Aden is sitting over there half full, because no one is going to lose VIP to swap servers. I knew in my gut I should have waited at least a month to start playing, lol.

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