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Classic is a joke


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First of all i would like to tell something to NCSOFT,

Guys, if you dont know what the F2P ( Free to play ) game is, please dont tell us that your classic server is F2P. Its highly red P2P or P2W. Microtransactions are microtransactions i understand this,  you must earn some money for maintenance e.t.c, but this queue issue? Cmon, we should pay you to JUST ENTER to your game, like a P2P game with subscription like WoW or at least like Guildwars II. And the ''clever'' ones here would say '' Wait at queue to enter and play '' or ''Go to Aden'' should stfu because 1.We have a life, we are not like you and we cant wait 10 hours ( Its a fact,yesterday i logged in after 10hrs and 2minutes ) 2, We already started at other servers with friends and we had a lot of progress to leave all these and start a new char at Aden.

I came here after a lot of years with a lot of excitement but you just destroy all this ''undertaking'' with your actions.Your ''Support'' system? Oh lord, guys, you dont really have a support system when you answer after 5 or 6 days to a simple e-mail.

Its not ''Trully free'', nothing like that, stop playing with our IQ. You should be honest from the very start of this server, and not to be kidding us. It would be more honest if you add a subscription from the first day, and not this chaos that you create. 

Ciao belles,

A ''poor'' player.


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29 minutes ago, iGreeeN said:

the same, I am waiting 12++ hours and still need wait 356 ppl, amayzing server... Other guys with  VIP can connect to server anytime, bad works from team, I dont recomend this server and team for my friends.

I have VIP4 and I've waited about an hour now.

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