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Polearm or 1h blunt?

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The DPS is the same between the two, or at least so close it's negligible. That is if your comparing two weapons of the same grade and tier. 

The real advantage is that Dwarfs crit so rarely with Blunt weapons that when they do, I would rather it hurt. 

With 2H Blunts, every hit is for more damage, so with haste buffs like alacrity or Haste the DPS feels higher. Even though it may be the same.

Also, the last things Dwarfs need is more defense or hitpoints. We are already packed with those, what we really benefit from is damage. Trust me, 2H Blunt delivers that. No one does 2H because the 2H Blunt are typically near the top of their grade. Look at the D grade Titan hammer, or the B grade Ice Hammer. Both are top grade weapons if I am not mistaken.

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