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Bots At Elven Forest Spider Quest Area


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This currently going on, and it is rather hilarious. There are about 12-14 individual bots running around killing the spiders there for the quest. Reason I say they are bots is their behavior. They target and run to spiders as they spawn, if one or two of them are already on a spider, they all change target to another. Once they have their 8 kills, they use /unstuck. If you stand by the quest giver you see them come and go on the exact same path every time. I would post their names here, but I imagine the thread would get closed / deleted immediately. Btw, all the bots are dark elves.

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Here are all the bots that were being ran for the spider quest, all nicely grouped up in Elven Village:


I don't know if the Elf, Gasparin, is one of them, since I did not see that character running their pathing.

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