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I bought Chronicle Pack but I don't have it, help.


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So after GM Sky solved my problem with the NCoins I went and bought the Chronicle Pack and everything went smoothly. After I bought it I went to my account to apply the code... to my surprise I didn't have it, there was not transaction history or email confirmation BUT my coins were gone so I did buy it...

I'm really hoping there is some kind of delay or something like that I'm still replying in the same ticket so I hope they can help me again but I want to know if I just didn't waste 30$ for nothing..

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Almost the same thing happened to me. When the NCoin issue got solved, I got 2400 of them and went to buy the Chronicle pack. It bugged out or something and now I am left with no coins and no chronicle pack and don't know what's going on. Still waiting on those tickets :/

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