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Client will be closed affects other boxes.

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First: yes, i'm bleeping mad about the stuff going on with the queue thing but i'm not here to just throw hate on the staff.

Second, and most important:

I am still getting that "client will be closed" bug, but not only when i reach 1st on the queue... today i couldn't login, the bug happened at all positions on the queue, like 700 or 1200...

AND, something that is really bothering is this:

I have 1 box logged in,

Try to log another box,

the second box get the "client will be closed" bug on the queue...

the 1st box, that was logged in, also get the bug, making me close the 2 boxes...


This happened not just once this week. It is already hard to log in, and when you manage to do it and try to log another box, u get logged off because of the bug...

this makes the game just not playable at all..


and also a suggestion:

u could just raise the player cap of servers...

most of them are fishing or private stores inside towns... being unable to login because idle players is just non-sense,

of course removing the fishing thing or replacing the private store for an auction house just runs out of lineage II nostalgic experience, i, personally, would hate it

but you just raise the player cap to fix this...


Imagine that you're doing something important, like killing an ordinary or epic boss, or in a siege and get a critical error, or you get a disconnect... you have to wait hours in the queue to log back to the game? You can't be competitive like that, if you have to buy vip to surpass this, it just makes the game pay 2 win, or pay 2 play, whatever...

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