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Those in the queue, you should see this!


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First, I have VIP and sometimes I still have to wait in the queue.
I can't see why someone thinks it is fair to have THOUSANDS AFK character while many people willing to play cannot log in, even to active their VIP status.

Please, we are losing active players. I bet there are ppl out there running VM with 9+ clients open, each one with a low lvl char fishing or AFK at the dumb event.




Easy solutions:

- Fishing only for lvl 40+, or disable the mission that gives you 500 bait for free everyday. Or even remove fishing rod from the shop, let only VIP players buy it with coins.
- Disable this dumb event, or make it so you need to actually hit the boss. I can't image who thought it was a good idea to have an event that literally rewards you from being AFK doing nothing!
- Server restart once a day or 12h cycle.

Things that won't work:

- Increase server capacity. Will only cause more lag, if you keep rewarding AFK, some ppl will keep making toons running on VM to earn more and more.
- AFK timer kick: Won't work because of shops..


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Maximum of 2 box(at least for now), that would already get some fishermen out of the server.

Auction Houses instead of thousands of private stores taking server space..(I don't know why, but L2 community seems to have some extreme oldfagism on this topic, even when they can't bring a valid point to the table, they'll still go against the idea)

As for the event, as marcysiek suggested, you should at least need to hit the boss to get the benefits.

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1. Disabling fishing won't make people log out.

2. Disabling the boss event won't make people log out.

3. Shops are inherently AFK and server restarts will bleep alot off when their shops get reset.

Solution - make the VIP 4 have a bit more incentive to buy and allow it to be bought through the website.  Take the money made from VIP and rent a new server.  Offer free transfers to the new server. Wait for the population to die down in a month. Merge servers. Profit.

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