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Maybe a new server and limit 1 client?


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54 minutes ago, MrYalef said:

There's a lot of ppl trying just to play... We can't log in to activate VIP status, so start a new server GMT-4 it's a good choice. Guess limit one client per IP will bring the "real classic experience" (not joking).

New server MAYBE, (GMT +1/+2 or so), but they won't limit the anything by IP and besides there are ways to bypass this.

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dude, just stop suggesting this 1 client/PC crap, seriously

have u played lineage 2 back in the days? before GoD?

it is a game MADE to dualboxing... the problem is not the boxes, the problem is the player cap

we have OFFICIAL servers running at HALF the capacity of PRIVATE servers, this is non-sense


please, think about the shit you are suggesting on this forum

the game is great, the experience is perfect

the only thing screwing with the community is the queue, they need to make changes that don't affect the gameplay, like creating new servers + temporarily free server transfers / raising the player cap

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