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i guess not.

Thre are many ppl that paid for 3x or more VIP accounts and now NC would take that from them limiting windows to 2? impossible. They created this server to make business, to earn money. F2P is model that allows you to play without paying money - wait your 12 h in queue and play :D:D:D.

Increase limits? not going to happen, bcouse players must have a choice and slight difference between non-paid and paid accounts. Benefict is +exp + drop etc. but the 'hidden' and key feature is no queue, and its their marketing trick. OFC u have to pay 80 coins for VIP 1 for month, but the minimum of coins purchased from NC is 400 = u can maintain VIP for 5 months but more ppl will spend rest NCoins for shots etc. and buy new 400 next month. there is no true FREE TO PLAY model on the market. Players who didnt pay means very little to NC and this is how their treat them. L2 was designed as a pay to play game.

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