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Classic Experience?


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Is it just me or is the whole waiting to log in crap, completely nothing to do with classic Experience? 

You would think that with the amount of money the company could potentially make from fixing there error in judgement on how many would actually play. They would be all over it. Makes me think that they really don't care and just wanted a quick cash grab. 

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The waiting to login is meant to handle high traffic. In the old days, you would get a “server is full” error and disconnected. The problem is, there’s just way too many people/clients trying to play.

From what I have gathered, NCWest has to funnel everything through Korea. There’s a large time zone difference so things take time. I agree they should be hustling a bit more, but I also understand how the industry of programming works. It’s rare to implement hot fixes daily and usually teams work on priorities and aim to release updates once per week or every two weeks on a specific day. To develop, test, and release within a 5-7 day period is very difficult and usually unrealistic. Therefore, it’s not a surprise to me that there are still ongoing issues that haven’t been fixed — give it some time.

Also, I highly doubt they “don’t care”. This is a business with thousands of customers. Every decision has to go through a ton of thought and process so that it doesn’t cause negative impacts in the near future. This is a fresh launch and one way to really screw things up is open too many servers, when most likely 1/3 of the population will quit in a month regardless if there were issues or not. Be patient things will work themselves out, and the drop rate changes shows us they do care and are listening. Trust me, they don’t want this to fail. It’s a business model made for at least a few years.

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