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Account Locked - Suspicious activity


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Hey there,

I don't want this to turn into a bash thread but enough is enough - I wrote my first email to you on the 5th of October after my account was locked out for buying premium with my credit card. I played for 2 days with no issues & got to level 25 - When I tried paying with Paypal for VIP I was rejected twice & then I used my personal credit card which worked. I've NEVER had issues using it online before but for some reason I have here? I finally received a response on the 9th asking for my last 4 digits & other AVS information. We're now on the 15th of October & I've not heard back - I'm now almost 10 days behind my friends & clan - You really need to fix your AVS system.

I also PMed Hime with some time saving suggestions for your customer service team. Instead of making people email appeals then wait 3-5 days to be asked 4 template questions, why not just put those in the Auto-responder your send out?  It would half your ticket load & save so much time on your end & frustration on ours.

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This seems to be a very common issue right now unfortunately.

They have permanently banned my elven oracle (one of my three accounts).

Dealing with support takes way too long, especially considering they are locking accounts that haven't violated any rules.

I am a paying customer (VIP4 on 3 accounts, 8k/7k/6k VIP points) and it doesn't matter. They treat me like yesterdays garbage.

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We have a friend with the same issue, the worst is, after he send all the information NCsoft ask, they send a mail saying the information is not enought to confirm the purchase...
So the info they ask is not enought? 
He gave to NCsoft a last period to unban the account, if not he is going to unknown the payment and declare as fraud. (Cause that is in this case, a fraud) 
This is not a purchase like a private server, this is a purchase and you are not receiving the service you bought, never forget that.

Good luck and hope you restore your account soon, you are not alone on this

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