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Suggestion: player shops run by npcs


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because I know the auction house is out of the question. Would it be possible to do a plot rental system for shops in cities? for instance in each plot would be an NPC that can open a shop just like any one of us.  The difference is that to run the shop it would take 100a per hour or potentially more depending on the value of the products you're trying to sell.  Perhaps 10% of the total shop value per week that it is set up? meaning you have an object you try to sell for 1,000,000a and it takes you two days to sell the NPC shop (adena sink) takes about 28000 adena (sorry if the math is off im doing this in my head.  Writing this out this actually might be a bit too harsh of a sink but im sure people would use the system instead of leaving their pc on all night clogging up the server or heaven forbid they might even actually play the game and level instead of worrying about selling stuff.

I feel with a system like this it would allow for competitive markets that the AH does not allow for and most importantly clear up hundreds of player slots.

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