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Any news about upcoming event? P2W... Free... Something else????


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the points is, if its p2w im not gonna join it as i havent done this far. i only care for normal events with medium/good rewards. as the previous ones with the coins and the chrono weapons. thats why im asking. cause im bored of waiting some actual event to take place... only p2w events are happening most of the time...

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16 minutes ago, Diver said:

Selling items for ncoin is not event its sale. Event is wehn you have to kill some mobs or find pony/alien.

agree. thats why i should have said "farm event". something u have to work for... so the game could have a better meaning (to me at least) than killing mobs and raising factions all the time... no fun in it...

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Look who reacted to your post. Might give a hint of what's to come.

11 hours ago, ByWickeD said:

We need the event shirt!


I hope this wasnt ironic:

On 10.10.2018 at 10:03 AM, Juji said:

Next event on Live should be fun.

I really hope it won't be those fckin OP dragon shirts as that would probably be the most bad move you could make @Juji as right now we are all hoping you gonna turn down the P2W madness we had in the last year....


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I think we should get some rotation of old promos (shirts,circlets etc etc) , only after that we should get a new promo, we all know new P2W items will be introduced.

By having few old promos many players including me have a chance to close the gap in pvp/pve.

Many players are asking for Red Libra again, which we probably will get December.

Also do not forget about some good free events, where we players can have some fun/farm :D  consumables/adena is always welcome 

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