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So we have now 3 full servers.. and feedback?

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3 hours ago, Krave said:

Just out of curiosity how many people would actually like to see a server with a US time zone? EST, CST, or PST?! None of this -1. +1, -8 crap?!

EST is -5, CST/EDT -4, PST -8

You know it and you know it

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21 hours ago, Mastergumble said:

So at this moment we have 3 full servers...

- Talking Island (NA Classic) 5969 players
- Giran (NA Classic) 5968 players
- Aden (NA Classic) 5297 players


A lot of players are complaining and there is no word from NCSoft at all, only few moderation applied by other's that have no clue on clue on whats going on or aren't allowed to make their statement about it.

There are a lot of Brazilian players, they could take benefit from a server on their timezone, that would also benefit every other server in general, everyone knows there is a lot of extra accounts due to fishing and event (if that can be even called one), but at this point (it really should not reach this shame), new servers should have been placed online, even for the time needed to see who will stay and who will leave and merge after.

I logged with over than 1.7k players n queue list, same is happening on the other servers, how long it takes to NcSoft to deal with the problem, the time lost on queue fixes should have been dedicated in first step to open new servers, this was truly bad planned since start, even if nobody is allowed to assume that, at least answer you customers (yes a lot pay for it).


So please give community feedback, there is a lot going on and a lot are unhappy at all and a lot already quit due to that absence.

Maybe the GM also have queue, and that is why cannot give you feedback :) You know like the joke with the dwarfs - one dwarf comes into a bar, steps in front of the plot, that is higher then him, and says: A big whiskey, please. Nothing happens. Then the dwarf asks again, and again. Soon he shouts and jumps... At the same time, behind the plot another dwarf shouts: With ice or clean!

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2 hours ago, Krave said:

Not going to lie, I feel dumb as hell as I swear I saw +1 and -1 servers..... (shaking my head severely!)

If the headquarter of your company is in EU and you worked in NA, you know it all.

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