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8 Things I currently miss on l2.


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If u are geared and thinks the game is perfect and don't care about new players or paulina 30-day players, this topic is not for you, cuz u can "farm" all in game.
If u are a gm , read topics like this and pretend not to read, and don't answer like others, this topic is for you.

If u are a old l2 player , loves the game and fight for the game be great again , this topic is also for you.

1 - Trully active gm, i mean -> Juji. I don't need to write more about it.

2 - Territory war - I preferred this because it had more strategy, if you were only in your castle defending you did not have much gain with only a status flag, I believe that an improvement in the reward as an exclusive buff of the castle that would give pve status in giran or pvp status of aden or exp status of goddard etc, with the rewards of dimensional siege in a TW would be perfect.

3 - All items obtained through the game-  It was an excellent time when you could get everything in the game, items like rune of exp, drop, enchant stones, appearances among other customs yes they should be from the store, but put items that should be obtained in the game, inside the store made the game totally unbalanced, the idea of the store should be to balance who has time to play vs who does not have time, but on the contrary only favors much who spends (and has to spend a lot), and withdraws from the play free to play players who can not spend and also can not have the item through the game (not with this system totally nerf drop and reward of instances and quests)

4 - Events - Missing when they existed and worked, carrots, wattermellons, letters, aliens, all of this events are totally broken to force players to buy in store, ppl farm 4h of carrots to obtain 10 ~ 15, a guy with 12k ncoin can obtain thousand times more, broken balance, unfair, ridiculous, why nerf event to force us to spend in store ? ...

5 - Spoil / Craft - who does not miss it? it was very good to get items with sweat and make that item that would return a real profit, and not pay for a craft pack in store promos to break and your money go down.

6 - Adena - Where is it for Pauline 30-day ppl? ppl full geared with $ 20k can farm adena, normal ppl, no, new ppl, no, instance gives lvl 3 fragment, drops modification scroll, there was an inversion of values where cosmetic items should be in the store and items that influence in gameplay should fall of raids.

7 - L2 call center - We can call this, since anything we ask the support has the answer: Please post this on the forum to get a possible solution,  since we can not solve it. But the forum is useless bcs they don't hear uss here too. They seem to be servants of telephony operators who use gerund and respond robotically to their problems and solve nothing.

8 - Store prices - OK, NC needs to survive, but , why so expensive for pixel items, Intangible items ,random luck boxes items, this becomes clearly a robbery, low the prices omg, why not accept free to play ppl to try new horizons  too?

I have more things that I miss on l2, atm the game is 100% easy for buyers and tottaly impossible for f2p ppl.
 NCsoft made it clear in recent months who she wants to play her game,store store and store, drained all items from new patch and put on store, even though there are over 200 on the server but spend money on their store promo monthly, she would not mind the free to players, which are massively the ones that make the mmo's works. 

Speaking of what happens behind what no one sees, the adena trade for many players is what drives the existence of this game yet, gold sellers web pages with 3 or more years onlyne, and ncsoft dont do nothing? strange.....many players have already spent time and money exacerbated in the game and therefore can not stop, (They are addicted and they are sick but they will always deny) , Japanese servers for example are completely empty and only heros with full inventory of top items in the city without having to do, but anyway, that time has not yet arrived for the NA, yet.

It's just my opinion, there is currently no way for me to progress in the game, not without spending horrors, and that conversation that is fun without spending was extinguished in l2, and no one enters into any type of game just to be punching bag of others, ofc.

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