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We could really use an extension. You can't even log into the game to create a character on TI, and you can't buy a classic pack without creating a character first. This is not a good system and we don't want to miss out on these awesome deals. Can you please move the deadline until you solve your login/queue/population issues??

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Guys I am really frustrated that I can't buy chronicle pack at my current character in Giran server. My clan is farming 6hours per day and I've been farming with them for the past 2-3days. We began farming at the same levels together in the same room and now, after 3 days, I am already 2 levels behind them only because I can't get the launch pack as they have already done! 


Fix it please! Only 1 day left! Add it to my account, my NCoins are right there!!

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This is a big problem. Should be able to buy the pack and have the code on account until we can get into server and make a character. Please extend the purchase  date for launch packs till server issues get resolved. It's only hurting new players trying to join. 

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