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Bug on NPC Natools


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Hi I have a problem with the Natools quest, I'll explain, I finished the quest "Fallen Angel - Request of Dawn" back from Natools, which has a parchment over his head, I click on him but the next quest "Fallen Angel - Request of Dusk" is not displayed.
Is there anyone who can help me?
Thank you.

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It's not really a system error, just normal sloppy design. You will see the same phenomenon after you have done a daily quest in the post-85 levels. After you have finished the quest and gotten your reward, the NPC gets the parchment with the green ribbon around it again, but when you talk to him, the quest is greyed out, i.e. it can not be picked up until the next day at 06:30. The parchment just means that there is a quest in your level range, but due to other factors you can't necessarily do that quest.

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