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1500 in queue


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YES! 5-8 hours in queue! Are you kidding us?!


You should do that:

1. More servers with free characters transfers there.

2. Disable this shitty "fishing"! Some years ago fishing was real fishing. Why do you need so HUGE amount of players ONLINE at your servers which DIDN'T DO ANYTHING USEFUL?! WHY we need to be online to roll your server's randomizer every 2 minutes to discover was my fishing success or not?!
Why not to make OFFLINE fishing system? Why not to do fishing offline WITHOUT PLAYERS in game at all??? Why not to spin your randomizer every time, when player login to game world and just count how much fishes and boxes this player get for that time since last "logoff with fishing enabled"?
Current fishing system is ridiculous and absolutely STUPID!!! It loads more already overloaded servers! Don't you see that?! Shit!

3. Add offline trade mode!

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Is anyone playing in NA having issues with having high server traffic? I have been wanting to play since the game went live. Is there or are there any fixes for this? It's getting rather annoying that I can't get in to create a toon play with or log in to use a toon that I've already made.

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