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IP check every time you enter

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Some ISP's are truely dynamic and you lose your IP frequently, especially with IP4 over IP6 "proxies" (DS-Lite). NCSoft still lives in the IP4 world...


Dual-Stack Lite technology does not involve allocating an IPv4 address to customer-premises equipment (CPE) for providing Internet access. It is described in RFC 6333. The CPE distributes private IPv4 addresses for the LAN clients, according to the networking requirement in the local area network. The CPE encapsulates IPv4 packets within IPv6 packets. The CPE uses its global IPv6 connection to deliver the packet to the ISP's Carrier-grade NAT (CGN), which has a global IPv4 address. The original IPv4 packet is recovered and NAT is performed upon the IPv4 packet and is routed to the public IPv4 Internet. The CGN uniquely identifies traffic flows by recording the CPE public IPv6 address, the private IPv4 address, and TCP or UDP port number as a session.[20]


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On 10/15/2018 at 6:06 PM, Armaged0m said:

Someone knows, or ADM can tell you how to disable or fix this annoying check every time you log in to the server. needing to go to the email every time.

you need to log on web official site go to your accont setting and at tag security you have authorized locations click manage and what ip adress you have click save and done.

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