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Fix douchebaggery.


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Okay so my first week in the game and the first grand feature (aside from the plague of bugs) is how people spent their time being a douche with other players. More commonly known as kill steal, an act that is, apparently, encouraged by NCSoft for some unknown reason in which someone can go, last hit the mob someone else is painstakingly trying to kill and effectively obtain the kill and whatever comes with it; usually quest objectives. Some people are creative and go in and hit someone else's mob at half health, reducing the xp gain for both sides and even attempt at stealing the loot. Heck, some people steal quest mobs only triggered after taking down around 50 or 60 of the normal mobs for no reason! They literally get nothing out of it!.

Don't be that game. 

Solution #1: Ownership of the mob. It is simple and, iirc, some old feature from L2; in which whoever hits the mob first (and deals damage or settles an effect) becomes the "owner" of that mob, its name turns gray to everyone else and it won't give either xp nor loot to anyone else coming to hit it, including stealing last hit rewards.

Solution #2: PvP Flag. This one might be what many are looking for right now as a manner of retribution but may be harder to program (bearing in mind the current devs had issues that no game should have for nearly a week); consisting of flagging the last hit steal party for pvp. Sounds simple, and allows the victim to kill the transgressor without getting any penalization. Normally one would want to hit them, but they know if you kill them you get a PK closer to the state in which you get your items destroyed and they only lose 4% XP, not to mention that you become public enemy #1 and risk yourself to get killed by other greedy players. Even if you don't kill them they will stay and keep doing it anyway.

I'm addressing a fact, some people don't care while some others do. Some of the ones that do, even quit the game for it being disrupted so much, which i guess it is bad for NC. This is a major reason for ingame hate and lack of unity between the players, you make the game in a way that you need to party up with others to advance properly but allow this kind of behaviour, it does not make any sense.

That is, unless it was the plan all along to make something akin to EVE Online, encouraging people to mess with others and openly reward the thief instead of the victim while knowing of it happening. PK's should be people who chaotically kill others for amusement, not fair players seeking retribution for some douche stealing from them. The former is just open and literal pvp, the latter is people wanting to play the game in peace; for example: it takes hours of trying to find the gap to last hit a quest mob surrounded by 9 other players to fulfill a quest, that's not how a game should work. Pray tell, why would I waste my money in this bugged and unbalanced game? Unless NC doesn't even expect cents for profit coming from L2?

Your turn NC.

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PD: For any salty player out there thinking "If you don't like it, dont play it", which of course denotes you as one of the people benefiting from this (aka a douchebag); I like the game and that's why im putting some effort trying to salvage every bit of good thing it has and could potentially have with simple fixes. I wouldn't even waste my time with it or writing this suggestion at all if I didn't care about it.

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