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Guide for Solo leveling


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1.1-18 novice quest

2.18-24 Gludio Ruins,Dark Elf village quest (farm spiders till you get 250-300k  for top ng weap)

3.22-27 Abandon camp,Partizans Hideaway,Execution ground.

4.27-35.Forgotten temple(inside you can get from some mobs drop EAD),Ant nest,Around Cruma  tower.

5.33+ can start find/make party Cruma inside.

6.35-70 Special Daily

7.50+ can start grind sp ToI

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4 hours ago, Fedenix said:

I need a guide for solitary leveling


For classic up to level 70 this is what I recommend:

PP (WC is also fine but PP gets buffs soonest)

Melee DPS (Tyrant, Destroyer, Dagger)

Bard (I would choose BD here since weapon runes will come out someday making the SWS crit song worthless)


For classic past 70 this is what I recommend:


Melee DPS




The 2nd bard will be needed for many high level spots including catacombs and beyond.  The only other character I would strongly look at for endgame is a SE for stigma and VR buff as well as dwarf spoiler for obvious reasons.  You may want to make 4 accounts and just play with 3, rotating the lower levels back and forth.

And of course... If you find a buddy leveling solo that plays one of these classes you should try and team up so you can each just play 2 accounts

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19 hours ago, Devoid said:

Well, tell us about yourself then, key points being:

  • Class & level
  • Current gear
  • Adena budget
  • Current clan bonuses
  • Box-able character classes & levels
  •  Elven Scout road to PW, Lvl 22
  • Wooden set, Short Bow, Edricth Dagger
  • 100k
  • No clan
  • Box Elven wizard lvl 13


Thank you all for answering 
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elven wizard = dark elf  turning to shillen oracle I hope.  Thats what you need for a dagger's box.

go to Abandoned camp and look for a melee group killing there.  basically in the LFG window if it doesn't say AOE and they want a DD look in and see if its melee.

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