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[Giran] The Syndicate Community recruiting


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Hello all!

The Syndicate is an international, community based clan from Another Classic Server That Cannot Be Named Here that just started it's journey on Giran! Whilst original members remain on our original server, I started Giran Division with a goal in mind to spread the casual atmosphere but still aiming towards achieving clan skills, Clan Arenas, sieges and, ultimately our end goal - slaying Antharas.

What we can offer:
- 3% XP boost, 6% ASAP after we hit lvl 2
- fun atmosphere with weird people :D to ease off the hardcore grind
- international cross-server community on Discord

What we require:
- at least VIP 1 to be able to log in (relatively quickly given the latest Queueage 2 game)
- playtime anywhere between 7PM-10PM CEST/BST weekdays
- 30min log in time daily for Clan Unity
- Discord and voice chat presence

All classes and levels are welcome, though the following are sought after:
- Bishop
- Blade Dancer
- Bounty Hunter
- Destroyer
- Tyrant
- Shillen Elder

If you are interested, please join our Discord server and apply in Recruitment -> #Giran 

See you in game!

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