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GOODBYE classic launch package


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@Hime @Juji


Of little embarrassment 54 hours I have already been waiting since Sunday afternoon to send a tiket with number 22227447 Because of a problem with the purchase of a classic launch package, no answer yet and today it is finished, is it removed forever? and what happens to people who had problems like me to buy it or who simply could not for other reasons that happens with people who with the long queue that has to enter the server can not be done with that pack ????

We asked for an answer and paid and I'm not enjoying it

I hope that all those who had some reason and could not get it or want it and can not buy it for any reason publish your story here and be heard and give us a solution


@Hime @Juji let's use his name so that they do not ignore us


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1 hour ago, mixa said:

Nobody cares ahout your lolpack.You have contacted support and you should wait.

Everybody cares, myself included. Support does nothing except giving you an automated response when they answer your ticket. We paid money to get these packs. And we can't.

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