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Huge Thx for Classic option


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Just wanting to express thx for making a dream come true.  After the disgust of the god expansion (destruction of L2),  I like many went to illegal servers.  However, even in the illegal servers I longed for a time before the Kamael where the mobs were the best in L2 history in the best locations IMO.  This is extreme nostalgia with all quests working so far.  In the past, I started guilds and focused on killing the Chinese that plagued Cruma tower in the early days, took fortresses, and a few castles.  Now it's great to just explore and level/farm like a single player and be friendly.  If U see me out there I'll gladly heal/buff you (remember when players used to charge for WW?)  Glad to see all three servers heavy and here for the long haul; may even start a casual guild for mainly parties.  Thx again NcSoft; you've made a lot of people very happy.  L2 forever! 

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1 hour ago, KafukaFura said:

its not like the server is heavy cause of ppl playing, real ppl playing. But because bots and multiboxs and fishings and afks are log in in the game. So its not full  in reality.


When exactly was not like this, hm ?

Even in the early days of Lineage 2, people multiboxed : 1 main - 1 buffer - 1 shop , or 1 main 1 buffer/shop.

I keep hearing the "bots" word. No bullshit, but I didn't saw trains of bots and I am level 28. Matter of fact, the only bots I saw was from some random links here on the forums on low level areas where there seems to be some bots. But in no way there are bots like it used to be.

I agree however, about fishing. That's bad for the server now. Later will be ok, but now .. is..kinky :)

They will not change it however, so .. they just increased the servers limit and hope they will keep doing it until no ques !

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