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Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, October 17, 2018


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6 minutes ago, DarkLord said:

too bad this was a great way to help players get some gear and adena.

You can still do that once server comes up :D my character is BogMater D.elf summoner and let me tell you,im completely lost in L2 haven't played since c4 was the thing. So if you wanna help a newbie hit me up in game :D


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1 hour ago, iGeologics said:

Good afternoon everyone, I would like to comment on 3 points.

-In the first point
The AFK players in AC, etc.:
In my opinion, the solution to this problem is simple, you breathe the time of the random monsters in the area and you have to hit the mini boss to get the box.

-In the second point
AFK fishing: With Regarding the issue of fishing, keep the server and players spend more than 5 to 6 hours fishing, have a time limit in which a person can leave the character that performs that action, for 1000 AFK players another 2000 that they can not enter, those 2000 are benefits for the company and the server (+ Activity)

-In the third point:
The problem of BOTS:
this is a somewhat more complicated issue since everyone in Lineage II knows that we can never avoid security breach, but that it is a GM or Rangers that are related in the areas of review of games, and in this way we will return to receive the benefits (VIP) of the company, and we will maintain contact with all the players, every day we leave our time on the server and work hard to raise the level or the teams.
(A small investment = for great benefits for all)

A hug for the team and all the players. @Hime
Fair play
by iGeologics :)
Sorry for make in spanish.

Second point, agree to hell.

NC could put a time limit to fishing. Yes, you can leave your character afk fishing, but for some time - 4 hours would be best in my opinion.

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