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12 minutes ago, Kunyo said:

maybe make the report work in a way that when you answer the captcha correctly you cant be reported again for a random amount of time that would stop people from mass spamming it


It would also make it pretty easy to bot as i could report even myself with alt chars, lol

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1 hour ago, GrumpyMuppet said:

If you are afk why would you be reported for botting? yeah, sounds sincere this guy, he doesnt want to use a bot at all lol

Captcha can appear an hour later perhaps?

also I can see this being an issue in pvp. People will be reporting people they don’t like or during pvp o try getting captcha up 

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7 hours ago, ZygiA said:

With your suggestion the game would be full of bots. 40 people to report one person, what would you do, call your whole alliance to Dion? Come on, every game has it's negatives and positives and botting was and will always be a negative side of L2. 

The game already has lots of bots. Right now it is just an easy way for people to harass other legitimate players. 40 people will take time for an account to flag, this is true. However, with a healthy player base, this won't take as long as you might think. I am also advocating that there should no automatic punishment as well. No captcha or temp ban or anything. Just a flagged state requesting a human being, employed by NC Soft come review the character/account in question. A well maintained game would have a dedicated staff for this very function. Automating rules enforcement has never worked out and never will thanks to infinite variability of the human spirit and condition.

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This is interesting to me. I have been playing with 6 accounts lately and I have never seen a captcha. I have on other hand had a few people call me a bot or ask how the bot is handling. I've also had people running past me stop and look at me for a while. So I know I'm getting some reports just because of how my group looks. The interesting part for me is that despite what must be a good number of reports a day I've never gotten a captcha.

If you're wondering how I'm boxing it's just simply my old school method of four keyboards/mice connected to desktops and one laptop. With the proper in game macros You can get buy with just smashing a function button on each keyboard. That's how I started boxing back in 2004/2005.

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