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how viable dwarfs are


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2 hours ago, Keros said:

newbie here, i just want to level up one but i don't know how worth it is, i mainly play solo or small group, which one is better spoiler or crafter? help pls i'm lost.

Both dwarf classes are more suited towards making adena one way or another... However, since you are new to the game I would look into other classes that are more enjoyable to play. Dwarfs generally are more boring since they don't have very exciting offensive or defensive skills even into late game. Try checking out one of the summoner classes, they are all very interesting and dynamic.

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Hey, long time dwarf player here. Actually since 2004. 

If leveling is anything like it was in the old school lineage 2, then unless they gave dwarves new skills to increase their dps. Then leveling will be hard. The biggest problem was the fact that they used blunts and blunts have a low crit rate. The game revolved around doing crit damage with soul shots. So if you don't have a high crit rate then you ultimately won't do much dmg. The slight upside is that blunts had a high accuracy rate. So you could hit targets with out missing most of the time. But the trade off was never worth it. They should of altered blunts slightly imo.

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I love dwarfs! Personally, I believe 2H Blunts to be the best weapon for them. With the higher damage, all you need is a few basic buffs like Focus, Death Whisper, and Haste to make up for the lack of skills.

Also, hunt green mobs for quicker kills and more spoils.

I never tried it, but we do get sword masteries. Might be more damage in a good sword. Your mana is used on spoils most of the time anyway, so you could do away with stun. Especially if you have a box in tow already.

I make a game out of spoiling, no pun intended. I like to count my materials as I play, then set goals to reach. Makes the time go quicker.

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Artisan: Easier to solo level. You can use all your mana for stuns. With lvl 28 you get a golem pet which does quite nice dmg. When you have wanted recipes in  high lvls you can make mana while sitting in town afk.

Scavenger: More interesting to play, as through your spoils every mob is like a little surpse egg. 

Both classes are equally fit for party leveling with a Pole.

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