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About all summoners! Please, if anyone knows!


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Hello, i m currently at lvl 23 dark wizzard and i saw that i can easy farm creeps with my summon pet.

 Please, have in mind that i have a dark elf buffer in my party for leveling up with me because firstly, i wanted to be a spellhowler at my 40,but now, i see that i farm much easier with a pet...

So please tell me if anyone know:

1. Does my summoned pet steals xp from me or my buffer?

2. Is a good idea to run a Phantom summoner at 40 while i have a dark elf buffer?


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1.) Pet does not take any EXP

2.) Yes. Summoner is still good at level 40 with a SE buffing. VR will help keep summon alive, DW and focus for more damage, and stigma from SE will make pet do more damage. SE can also recharge you since summoners keep their nuke.

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1) No your summoned pet doesn't steal XP from you.  It is your "weapon"

2) A Summoner is a great class, or "was" a great class.  I played a few summoners on the old L2.  In "Classic" L2, I am still waited to see what they do with the price of Beast shots.  As they are currently sitting at 75 Adena per shot.  Which will make them almost impossible to use shots.  I currently am still using my Warlock without Shots, and working ok, but in upper levels this may really sting.



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Played a PS at L2 classic EU when it launched. Was leveling it without any buffers, got it to around 50 or 51. I could pretty much farm none stop without any buffer, so it will be that much more effective if u got 1 :)

I imagine at a higher level u will be able to use those beast shots even if they cost this much (should get a skill to summon them at a lower price later on) and your summon will be hitting for quite a lot.

Though at this point u should forget about SS for your pet since you will be broke before you notice it ^^

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For anyone that has summoner 40+. Does summoner contiune nuke skill or gain any new nuke? Various sites show that summoner either continue nuke (Twister, Blaze, etc) or they gain new (e.g. Death Spike). How is it set up on our classic servers?

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