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I'm tired of watching fat babies cry that pay a lot for having the privilege of crying believing that this is a illegal server and going to do things in the way of any idiot who contributes a coin to the game.

The old school knows better than anyone that (donors stink everywhere).

Minimal and basic solutions.

REMOVE THE BOTS - / BOX / BACKPACKS / PET / those that are dancing in the city.

Put for person that can open only one client - backpack / bot / pet / etc. (3 is a lot and those who want to play can not because of that)

For idiots who sit down to sell stuck to the "GK" making it untargetable - push them to a range further from it. SO SIMPLE!

Like in old school! The GK is to be used and not to tag any bot that sells an iron ore to 6k.

Go back to doing the lineage 2 great again!

Those who are fishing, do not bother anyone, the afk either (Because if I have to run to the bathroom or eat, having "wait" of 1500 people to re-enter, it is more than obvious that I will not leave the game.

HOWEVER - THOSE WHO DISTURB ARE THE BOTS / BOX / BACKPACK / PET /. They leave 2 accounts fishing while they farm their main character.

Two fingers in front and common sense please!


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You speak about going back and doing things the "old way". The old way included boxed accounts. It has always been a reality in Lineage 2. Those "BOX / BACKPACKS / PET" dancing in the city are the ones funding this endeavor. Without them, there would not be a FREE option at all. As much as the pom pom dancing animation on human mages annoys me, in the back of my mind I know that they are supporting this server, so it doesn't bother me.

I understand it's not fun sitting in a queue. There is a solution, and it's called VIP. For $5, you can maintain VIP 1 for FIVE MONTHS by spending 80 NCoin per month. If $1 per month breaks your wallet, I'm sorry, but you have more to worry about in real life, let alone playing a game.

One quality of life improvement is that they should allow people to get VIP through the website. This would allow many players with the means to buy VIP and finally skip the queue.

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