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XP Bonus dont accumulate

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I bought Chronicle Pack yesterday and after use some more NCoins i became VIP 4.

For being VIP4 i already have +25% XP. Then i used a Rune from Chronicle Pack, giving me +50% XP.

After it, i used a Scroll: Regular XP/Boost, +30% XP when hunting.

Ok, so after kill a monster my bonus should be +105% XP, but it isnt happening.

For example, i killed a Stolen Golem in Talking Island. With all these XP bonus i got 1.002 XP (Bonus: 513 XP).

My Bonus was 513 XP, bit more of 50%.

The correct Bonus should be: 1.002 x 105% = 1.052 XP.

Is it right?


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No, that's the correct bonus.  Your bonus was 513, the total was 1002, so the base xp without any bonus was 489.  You got a 105% bonus.

That first number (1002) is the total, not the base xp without the bonus.

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