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Ranged help


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2 questions about "ranged classes" in L2 Classic:


1) Created a dark elf mage. At around lvl 7, I can't 1 shot things anymore and my mana runs out pretty fast because of that. Couldn't find any Mana Potions to buy, and even if I did, I would prolly have no Adena to do it. Am I really supposed to stay more time waiting for mana to recharge than playing? If not, what am I doing wrong?

2) Because of the mage issue, I created an elf fighter in hopes to make him become a silver ranger. I'm at lvl 11 right now and still fighting with swords since I can't find or buy a bow. Is this expected? If so, why do I have bow skills before the first profession change if I can't test it? If not, how am I supposed to get a bow?


Almost giving up on ranged...

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You will also find them hard to level.

For nukers, you should be able to afford shots and one-shot green or light blue mobs. If the mob has a silver of health left, hit it with a staff, not waste a full nuke on it.

Have you got quest shots, by the way?

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