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'Your client will be closed'. Again?


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2 minutes ago, Turalyon said:

Leave it alone, this is way better then waiting 12 hours in que

Not so sure, if you cant log in, its the same issue but you will be trying for 12 hours until you get a succesfull log in, at least 12 hours queue are unattended u_u...

But its true at this time yesterday I had 1k queue to enter, today I have 90-180 but I get this error, if actually the queue problem was fixed then maybe they just need to put 500 more slots in the server to hold everybody I dont know, could be a solution.

Best Regards.

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Sure, idealy get us some more server space, but, the que timer is a 10 min timer, I set a timer on my phone, and tab back over in 9 minuts 3-4 tries I would get in.  Switched to no reset timer, 12+hr ques, so if given the choice of 12hr ques or the 10min timer, ill take the timer every time.  

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For a company this big, THIS BUG IS UNACCEPTABLE. I don't understand, whose are in control of the server infrastructure? A bunch of juniors server managers/programmers? Does the company commercial sector understand that this is a major NONO to potentially increase the profit?


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