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1 thing I don't understand: Why they don't create new servers?


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It's incomprehensible.

If you have a couple of peas inside ur head you will know that they are receiving a huge money from this L2 Classic.

2 questions here:

1 - Why they can't open new servers? Maybe 2 more would solve the problem, a GMT-3 would be great (Oh, I forgot the Brazilians can't have their own server because they need to be in the $USD stage, right?)

2 - Do you think it's fair a company that is receiving so much money from a game, treating his players this way?

That's it.


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They know the how releases work population explodes, then drops down and finds a stable state... they don't want to make 6 servers then have to merge them down to 3 in a couple months... Unfortunately for them, the explosion is lasting longer than expected, primarily because it's F2P,  and adena sweatshops are big money.

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