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VIP between Servers

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2 hours ago, Whiteshadow said:

Hi, I just logged on the new server, considering to play on that one, and I noticed that I don't have my VIP privileges: do they not transfer between servers?

No, while VIP is characters wide, it is only server specific. 

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1 hour ago, Whiteshadow said:

Thanks for the answer ig... But its honestly pretty stupid... I dont think i bought ncoin for only one server, but for my account. Thats honestly outrageous the way this system works...

However, VIP status is earned by spending NCoin, not just having them.

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honestly we re small party of 8 guys wich 2 of the re waiting the queue to start yet. the rest 6 ppl thought about move to other server  to play together but our VIPs re not server transferable. so they still on queue to play together on the most busy server 

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