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Few Questions that needs answer


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First of all, i am a new player in the server started 3 days ago level87 Tyrr Db and i used to play high five freya patch, so now its like my brain explode because all is new from items to dyes, from quest to hunting zones and etc...

So my Questions goes like this..(hope you guys can help)

1. What is the best Buffer (box toon) for a tyrr Doombringer after level 95, Do i really need to create one?

2. Dyes / tattoo can i use the same type of dyes like the legendary for the 3 slot

ex: +5 Str + 5 Cha

      +5 Str +5 Cha

      + 5 Str + 5Cha

I need your tip for dye for a Tyrr Db regarless if its expensive or cheap start with the cheap one

3. Dual class - what if i  a buffer or ISS  as a dual class and use this to buff my self then change to main, will the buff remain?

4. SubClass - does the choosen subclass got a specific type of skill the will benefit my main ?

ex- attack passive haste from a gladiator subclass 

     Celestial shield from a summoner class

or all of this is change?

5. What are the list of Daily Quest the will help me earn adena only the important one please..

6. Where to get exp fast from 87-95 solo or party start with solo  coz i dont any friends nor clan mates  ?

and for subs from 40-80. Can subclass can get mentee buff for xp/sp again?

7. How does this Jewelry works eg: Ruby/Sappire etc.. can this be earn in quest? Whats the use..

8. Talismans - whats the best talisman for tyrr class in this server

9. Does this Agathion everybody shouting gives Add stats? Like +str +dex 

10. Enchanting skills - why i cant enchant my skills.. only selected skills. Do i need to take some quest to activate it? Or its just like that 

11. I need tips on ABility Points. Which skills to take as a warior class. 

12. Best Epic Jewelry for tyrr class in this server

blessed antharas?

blessed zaken?

blessed valakas

baium soul ring? Or change to tauti ring?

earth wyrm heart ring

Atleast i know what to aim.. 

12. Tell me the best cloak in town 



my aim as of now is to reach 95 and get good gears and i need advice but will take time - grinding

so yeah this are my questions.. i thank you guys for the kind help in advance. 

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1. Iss Heirophant , up to 101 to get pom.

2. Yes, you can use the same tatoo x3

3. When you change to dual or to main, you lose buff

4. Any subclass, you can learn the same skills with the certificates. now you have subclass certificate and dual class certificates to learn pasives

5. All adenas was nerfed, you can realy play for free until lvl 99. yo can play for free for ever but its imposible get the acording gear without spend money.

7. No you can get this jewels only from l2store "event" (USD$) 

8. Exist multiple talisman, and can equipe all together, you can start for Longing Talisman, Anakim and abundance lvl 1

9. Yes, add stats, but with the cost of this, you can buy betters things if you are starting

10. Mmm... i can enchant my skills.

11. Warrio tree, everythings thats gives you p.attack ,critical damage, elemental attack

12. Top epics are, Bless Valakas, Lindvior, earth wyrm ring, Bless Antharas, Rulers Ring of Authority, Tauti. Depends what you want , can change one for other.

13. Have PVE cloak, PVP Ofensive cloaks, and defensive cloaks.


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