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Bounty Hunter or Warsmith


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With the spoiler, you can get a lot more mats.

With the crafter, you can craft things.

If you only make a spoiler, then you can sell the materials for people wanting to craft for profit.

If you only make a crafter, then you can buy the materials and craft for profit (although it can be a bit risky if you have bad luck with 60% recipes).

Basically, you can do just one if you want to, but the potential profit will be much lower than if you spoil your own mats, craft stuff and sell it too.

Most people opt for spoiler only over crafter only though, as you can start building your wealth from zero with a spoiler, but if you just want to craft and sell, then you must put money into it before you can make a profit.

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Warsmith can't do much without materials and recipes but Scavenger can just spoil. If you have high lvl and a lot of recipes it of course gets easy as you just sit down and let people craft things for money.
It all depends on what you wanna do which is collect stuff or craft stuff. Scavenger will produce income immediately unlike Warsmith. Scavengers having 2 stuns with buff removal is strong for sure but I would say Warsmith is stronger with his summon. Mobs just melt when you play Warsmith. So pick one that fits your needs.

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