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"Death" Recruiting - Giran


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Currently recruiting all Classes

Currently Level 1.

  • About Death: We are a Clan of like-minded individuals ran by experienced Clan/Guild leaders who have a large focus on group activities. ie Grinding together, PvP and so on. Clan Parties are encouraged but not mandatory.
  • Our Goals: Group PvE/PvP, Raids, current focus is on leveling and grinding Adena to gear up



  • Must Speak English in Clan Chat
  • Level 20+ (to show that you actually play the game)
  • Semi-Active activity (not expecting people to play all hours of everyday, but active enough to progress and stay current with the majority of the Clan)
  • The desire to progress your character and your own skills. 


Additional information.

  • Only 2 Characters can be in the Clan per Player.
  • Clan Discord coming soon.
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6 minutes ago, Gurpiao said:

Who can i pm in game? how many ppl are you actually? Because we are 7 active ppl, and we want know if have slot for all in clan.

Ty for answer man :)

Our new thread is; https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/6310-death-giran-recruiting/

We currently have 4 Players with 8 characters total in the Clan, we have one more coming once he can login (I will be leaving on my alt)

I Also plan on purchasing Level 2 within the next few days for us.

So I do believe we have the space for you guys. (: 

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