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Any way to check my ping against server


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i would like to know if can check the ping delay against each server to see whats the best


and please ncsoft, enable 1 time for free to move our character to another server if we find a better ping..



also, increase ammount of people limit to 12.000, we cant log in with this queue, 2 hours already waiting, i have life and family, if im not in the computer and it log in to character screens im lost, i cant be watching all the time it

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all server are in the same location as the guy above said.

to check ping for most common folks: start task manager (ctrl+alt+del can work), go to performance tab, down at the bottom you see resource monitor, select l2 from the list of processes, look down at tcp connection for latency tab and remote port 7777.

other ways, something like paping, something that will give you a more real number.

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