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There is a great need for a new server with EU timezone.

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On 10/18/2018 at 8:04 PM, Joker007 said:

i agree on new server for eu but im not sure about the transfers...

i wasted all this time here with long queues and locked accounts etc ..

that im so behind in game the only way to keep playing here is with a fresh start ...

i dont want to play to a server that will have people that farmed 300 boxes each day from event and 500 fishes or whatever and are 30+ lvl cause they had vip

or cause they never logged out ... 


in the past i started in skelth after a 10 month break and i found people and had great time. catch up with what? starting villages are full of people. do you have a certain someone that you are chasing him in levels? you can have great time even if you start today in server or in 3 months. does not make any difference.

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Hey ncwest & @Juji do you see this?


Every single day that's what people who have their characters on Giran server face, an unlimited queue line that doesn't end until after 1 AM GMT+2, it's impossible to log & play for 10-12 hours everyday, I just want to know if you are planning to do anything about this situation or if you are going to leave this mess like this permanently, can I have an answer plz?

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Just start in Gludio or Aden, there is no reason to w8 11hours in queue..

And there wont be a new server while there are 2 half populated servers. What i think they should do is adjust Gludio to a more friendly EU timezone so it encourages more players to move.

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