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I woke this morning
Cloudy and dank
Flipped on the telly
And the smell was rank

The news it seems
Never really changes
Almost as if
We could be new age sages

As I poured my fair trade coffee
The bankers were set free
No penalty for their greed
Another branch falls from life’s tree

As I drove to my desk
I watched dirty cloud banks
Tailpipe expulsion
And who do we thank?

Past tar sand and coal plant
And chemicals of war
Spewing toxins to our genes
So just who is deformed?

And the politics of money
Trumps dollars and sense
And this precious globe
That us humans only rent

It’s so hard to imagine the future
The time of our children’s children
Living on planet Third World
Where the losers are always a given

And you ask why I’m angry and bitter
Because you have bought the fake-tear lies
As the uneducated are controlled
And worship is not about love in this life

So why haven’t we risen?
In protest and anger and shame
Because so many have no idea what’s happened
Watching fake tv reality games

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