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CosaNostra, EU melee clan [GLUDIO]


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CosaNostra is a community of players to whom real life is in the first place. We do play on l2 classic NA server - GLUDIO.

Information that will help You to decide whether or not join CosaNostra:

  • EU playtime at evenings around 19:00-24:00 gmt +0 (n.b. it is range of time when we usually play, not the actual in-game time);
  • 30 min+/day;
  • We use english only in clan chat;
  • We do not use voice program;
  • We are willing to party with clan members;
  • We do play one of these classes: melee dd, tank, support;
  • Our characters in clan are our main characters;
  • Level 15+ (it will increase with time);
  • One-time entry fee - 15.000 adena.

Contact person: Kamaitachi

Contact via private message (at evenings) or mail.



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