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Cancel Golden Compass event


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Thes Event is just not fair for everyone, it was unthought, not balanced for each class or levels just like kartia 99-104,105-110, etc.,  healer can not hit like feoh, iss not enought DPS, if you have  healer/iss, tank/iss, etc-. and dont have over Professiona items (top purchase items), you cant do something... tricks can help but please  marks in drop are 25, 40, 60... i can not find the coherence or maths.

its my suggestion to cancel this event and make new one with a better brain!! thanks.

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As a level 100 archer with a +12 bow and +10 armor, I do little to no damage to Votan.  He kills me within just a few hits. I will delevel before I can complete the event

The playing field should have been a little more balanced for the different players looking to participate. 

This event will basically make the stronger players even stronger and leave the weaker players weaker.

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On 19/10/2018 at 4:19 AM, mixa said:

The events in this game are not fair since ever.I suggest you move on, you don't need that bracelet anyway.

since ever? since lindvior you'll say, any other event that drop item is better that this x1000. make the run 4die 4 times res outside with healer finish 25 marks.  the event is a fail in big scale.

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